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Case of the month

Curiozitati la ERCP

In imaginile 1-4 se pot obseva calculi alb-sidefii extrasi din CBP dupa sfincterotomie, la o pacienta care fusese internata pentru pancreatita acuta (ERCP efectuat la o saptamana de la debutul pancreatitei, fara angiocolita sau obstructie biliara persistenta, dupa intrarea in remisiune a pancreatitei).
In celelalte imagini (5-8), se observa o alta imagine rotunda alb-sidefie extrasa din CBP, doar ca este o … vezicula hidatica ! Pacientul, de data asta barbat, fusese internat pentru icter mecanic si la RMN se stabilise dg. de Hidatidoza hepatica cu chist fisurat in caile biliare si colangita hidatica secundara.
Asemanarea este … interesanta ! (mai ales cand cazurile vin in aceeasi zi).
Despre rolul ERCP in hidatidoza cailor bliare (pre- si postoperator) se pot afla mai multe aici: Kemal Dolay, Sami Akbulut. Role of endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography in the management of hepatic hydatid disease. World J Gastroenterol 2014 November 7; 20(41): 15253-15261.

To the attention of all the members of the Romanian Society of Digestive Endoscopy...

There is a period when many of our activities will be affected.
The dominant note of the next period will be the prevention and avoidance of the spread of the viral epidemic that puts the whole world community in front of an experience for which it seems that it is not prepared.

Beyond all the advice, we will enter an emergency period in which many of our activities will be controlled by the authorities through the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Health.

We are all up to date with the recommendations of the ASGE, ESGE Endoscopy Societies, to which SRED fully adheres.



The XXXVI-th National Congress of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Digestive Endoscopy

Al XXXVI-lea Congres de Gastroenterologie, Hepatologie și Endoscopie Digestivă, e va desfăşura în perioada 8-11 iunie 2016, în Cluj-Napoca.


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