Endoscopy Postgraduate Course, 6 iunie 2019

GASTRO 2019 (Al 39-lea Congres National de Gastroenterologie, Hepatologie si Endoscopie Digestiva, Timisoara, 6-8 iunie 2019)

Endoscopy Postgraduate Course
Sala Boavista – 300 locuri (joi 6 iunie, 10.00 – 17.00)
”Endoscopy for early diagnosis and treatment of GI neoplasia”
Course Directors: Cristian Gheorghe, Marcel Tantau, Eugen Dumitru

Session 1
Upper GI neoplasia
Chair: Cristian Gheorghe, Adrian Goldis
1. Endoscopic surveillance in patients with Barrett’s esophagus for therapeutic decision. Alina Tantau (20 min)
2. Early diagnosis of squamous cell carcinoma of the esophagus: screening and endoscopic therapy. Mihai Ciocirlan (20 min)
3. The effect of endoscopic diagnosis of premalignant lesions and early gastric cancer: follow up, endoscopic resection or surgery. Cristian Gheorghe (20 min)
4. What can we do in Romania in 2019 for early Barrett neoplasia and early gastric cancer? Marcel Tantau (20 min)
5. Take home messages and discussions"

Session 2 
Pancreatobiliary neoplasia
Chair: Marcel Tantau, Adrian Saftoiu
1. How to approach a patient with ampullary lesion? Eugen Dumitru (20 min)
2. When to send to surgery a patient with IPMN? Mariana Jinga (20 min)
3. When to send to surgery a patient with mucinous pancreatic cyst? Adrian Saftoiu (20 min)
4. Early diagnosis of neoplasia in patients with PSC? Marcel Tantau (20 min)
5. Take home messages and discussions

Session 3
Lower GI neoplasia
Chair: Eugen Dumitru, Vasile Drug
1. Individualized bowel preparation before colonoscopy is mandatory for diagnostic accuracy and safe endoscopic therapy. Vasile Drug (15 min)
2. How to manage hyperplastic polyps and polyposis: ignore, resect and discard, resection and send to pathologist or surgery? Adrian Goldis (20 min)
3. Accurate diagnosis of sesile adenoma serratta polyps. Mircea Manuc (20 min)
4. Genetic tests for polyps: when to perform in order to diagnose FAP and HNPCC? Razvan Iacob  (15 min)
5. Endoscopic resection: right tool and right technique for the right polyp. Cristian Gheorghe (20 min)
6. Conservative vs. endoscopic vs. Surgery for the management of complications after polypectomy. Eugen Dumitru (20 min)
7. Take home messages and discussions

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